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Clinical Research

Clinical research is a broad term that describes different types of medical research involving human participants. 

Categories of clinical research: 

  • Patient-oriented research involves direct interaction between the study team and participants. Examples include clinical trials that investigate new drugs, devices, and novel therapeutic treatments, as well as biorepositories created for the long-term storage and use of specimens, tissue, and clinical information. 
  • Outcomes research evaluates the delivery of health care, clinical decision-making, and the resulting impact on patient outcomes. 
  • Health services research analyzes the cost of, access to, and quality of health care, including their impact on health and illness. 

Why should I participate in clinical research?

  • to help contribute to medical research
  • to help find a better treatment for a disease
  • to have an active role in your own health and wellness

When you voluntarily participate in clinical research, you are helping to increase the knowledge and understanding of gastrointestinal and liver disease. It is important to understand that your participation may not have any immediate direct medical benefit to you, as clinical research is long-term with the goals of preventing, curing and developing better treatments.

For more information on current clinical research at the Calgary Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, click on the categories on the left. 

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