Faculty & Staff

· Abdel Aziz Shaheen
· Carla Coffin
· Cathy Lu
· Chris N. Andrews
· Christian Turbide
· Christopher Ma
· Cynthia H. Seow
· Gil Kaplan
· Henry Nguyen
· Humberto Jijon
· Joan Heatherington
· Jon Meddings
· Jose G.P. Ferraz
· Kelly Burak
· Kerri Novak
· Lawrence Price
· Lisa Douglas
· Maitreyi Raman
· Marie-Louise Martin
· Mark Swain
· Matthew Sadler
· Meredith Borman
· Paul James Belletrutti
· Paul L. Beck
· Puja Kumar
· Remo Panaccione
· Ronald Bridges
· Samuel Lee
· Sandra Anderson
· Stephen Congly
· Yasmin Nasser

Foothills Medical Centre

1403 - 29 St. N.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 2T9

Phone: 403.944.1110

The Foothills Medical Center is the largest academic teaching hospital in Alberta, located centrally in Calgary, approximately 10 minutes from downtown. It is comprised of 3 large towers, including the Special Services Building (SSB), the Main Building and the McCaig Tower (MT). The University of Calgary Medical School with the University of Calgary Medical Center (UCMC) outpatient facility adjoin the Main Building, and the South Tower and North Tower house myriad additional outpatient services. The Teaching, Research and Wellness Building is also on site, where the Forzani McPhail Colon Cancer Screening Center resides, among other services.

The Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology FMC site has outpatient clinics located at the UCMC, Area 2. The endoscopy unit is in the Main Building, on the 4th floor. (see links and maps below)

The FMC Group includes 20 Gastroenterologists and 7 Hepatologists with University of Calgary appointments who are listed on the sidebar.

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