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Foothills Medical Centre

Kerri Novak, MD, FRCPC

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Group, Quality Assurance

Administration Office:
Phone: 403-592-5015  Fax: 403-592-5050

Phone: 403-944-6562  Fax: 403-944-6548

Curriculum Vitae

BSc University of Victoria, MSc Nutrition Sciences University of British Columbia, MD UBC, Internal Medicine and GI fellowship training, University of Calgary.

Ultrasound Training, Luneburg Germany


Clinical/Research Interests

Imaging in inflammatory bowel disease, particularly use of ultrasound for the evaluation of Crohns disease. Kerri's main interest is developing US skills by gastroenterology, to be used in an outpatient program to monitor IBD.

In addition, she is the medical lead in the Division Central Triage, and has interest in developing novel and effective ways to deliver general, luminal GI clinical care, given increasing wait times and resource limitations. Currently, she is leading a number of nurse-based pathways, some of which collaborate closely with primary care.

Kerri also is the primary developer of the website content. Questions or comments can go directly to her knovak@ucalgary.ca

Most importantly, her primary interest is her family - she has 2 daughters age 5 and 4.



Novak, K, and Wilson, S. Sonography for surveillance of patients with Crohn's disease. J Ultrasound Med. 2012;8:1147-1152.

Novak, K and Wison, S. The role of ultrasound in evaluation of inflammatory bowel disease. Seminars Radilology. in press

Novak, K, Sutherland, L and Panaccione, R. Medical induction of Crohn's ileitis: evidence based management. Inflammatory Bowel Dis 2008;supple2:S247-248.

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