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Foothills Medical Centre

Remo Panaccione, MD, FRCPC

Professor of Medicine
Director, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Group

Administration Office:
Phone: 403-220-6166  Fax: 403-592-5050

Phone: 403-944-3267  Fax:

Curriculum Vitae

MD, University of Western Ontario; FRCPC


Clinical/Research Interests

Dr. Panaccione is an internationally recognized expert in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which consists of Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). His special interest lies in the implementation and performance of clinical trials of new therapies in IBD. He also performs research in identifying new targets to develop new therapies in IBD. The University of Calgary IBD Clinical Trials Unit is ranked among the top five units in the world. In the last three years they have tested three new agents which have been approved for the treatment of IBD. The goal is to continue to develop therapies that will improve patient's quality of life and allow patients expanded choices.



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