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Foothills Medical Centre

Jose G.P. Ferraz, MD, PhD,

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Inflammation Research Network Member

Administration Office:
Phone: 403-592-5015  Fax: 403-592-5090

Phone: 403-944-5239  Fax: 403-944-6548

Curriculum Vitae

MD, Universtiy of Campinas (UNICAMp), Campinas, SP, Brasil, 1989 PhD, Department of Pharmacology, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ), Rio De Janeiro,Brasil, 1996 Postdoctoral fellowship, University of Calgary, Calgary AB Canada Postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology, University of Campinas, Brasil, 1997


Clinical/Research Interests

Research focused on mucosal inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, particularly gastric mucosal resistance to injury in the context of acute or chronic endotoxemia and portal hypertension (experimental studies in animal models) and translational research on the role of mediators/receptors and effector cells that regulate inflammation in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (human studies).



1] Camara PRS, Ferraz GJN, Penteado CFF, Sbragia-Neto L, Meirelles LR, Teixeira SA, Muscara MN, Velloso LA, Antunes E, Ferraz JGP. Ablation of primary afferent neurons by neonatal capsaicin treatment reduces the susceptibility of the portal hypertensive gastric mucosa to ethanol-induced injury in cirrhotic rats. European Journal of Pharmacology 2008;589:245-250 2] Vong L, Ferraz JGP, Panaccione R, Beck PL, Wallace. A pro-resolution mediator, prostaglandin D2, is specifically up-regulated in individuals in long-term remission from ulcerative colitis. PNAS 2010;107(26):12023-7. Epub 2010 Jun 14. 3] Camara PRS, Moi GP, Ferraz JGP, Zeitune JMR. Effect of anesthetics on gastric damage using two models of portal hypertension. World J Gastrointest Pharmacol Ther 2010; 1(4): 81-86 4] Coppi LC, Thomazzi SM, Ayrizono MLS, Coy CSR, Fagundes JJ, Goes JRN, Franchi Jr GC, Nowill AE, Montes CG, Antunes E, Ferraz JGP. Comparative Study of Eosinophil Chemotaxis, Adhesion and Degranulation In Vitro in Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn´s Disease. Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2007;13:211-218.

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