Hepatology Fellowship


As the population ages and the rates of obesity and diabetes rise, so too do the rates of liver disease. Currently, the Canadian Liver Foundation estimates that 1 in 10 Canadians suffers from some form of liver disease. Whether that is in the form of fatty liver, alcoholic liver disease, viral hepatology, or an autoimmune conditions such as autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis or primary sclerosing cholangitis, there is a wide spectrum of diseases and treatments in the field of Hepatology.

There are 10 hepatologists at the University of Calgary, of which 7 are trained in transplant hepatology. These 10 are distributed through 3 of the 4 hospitals in Calgary, and each has a different area of specialization. 

Program Outline:

A Hepatology fellowship at the University of Calgary consists of a year of training, with 1 month of this training being specifically in transplant hepatology and occurring in Edmonton, Alberta. The year consists of 2-3 months of research, and the remainder of the time spent on the wards, seeing consults and caring for transplant patients, and in clinic. Hepatology clinics are organized by the underlying disease, and fellows will gain experience by rotating through clinics in general Hepatology, Viral Hepatology, HCC, autoimmune hepatitis, PSC, Hepatitis B in pregnancy, and NAFLD. Fellows will also be expected to perform endoscopic procedures on a regular basis with the hepatology staff.

Fellows will also be expected to have their own longitudinal clinic, with their own patients, under the supervision of one of the transplant hepatologists. Fellows will also be expected to start, and complete, a research project with one of the 10 hepatologists. Since 3 of our hepatologists also have labs and specialize in lab and translational research, fellows wishing to work in a lab have the opportunity to do so. Call is home call, and occurs at a 1 in 4 frequency.
The overall goal of the Hepatology fellowship program is to train highly qualified individuals in the field of Hepatology, in order to give them the tools to become clinical and research leaders nationally and internationally. 


If you are interested in a fellowship at the University of Calgary, please contact the current program director, Dr. Meredith Borman, at mborman@ucalgary.ca.

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