Gastrointestinal Motility Fellowship

Gastrointestinal Motility Fellowship

The Calgary Gut Motility Center (CGMC) is based out of the South Health Campus (SHC) in the southeast corner of Calgary.

The CGMC Gastrointestinal Motility fellowship is a one-year training program for individuals interested in pursuing clinical and academic careers with a focus on gastrointestinal motility. The fellowship is designed to develop the trainee’s ability to understand and assess motility related GI disorders, including GI disorders that are primarily motility based (such as esophageal motor disorders, gastroparesis, and functional anorectal disorders) as well as disorders with a motility component (which includes most disorders of gut-brain interaction). The CGMC is an ideal location to learn about motility disorders, as there is a concentration of physicians with specific interests and training.

The CGMC has state-of-the-art technology that is only found in a few specialized centers in Canada. This includes 24 hour combined pH/multichannel intraluminal impedance testing, high-resolution esophageal and anorectal manometry, BRAVO pH testing and endoFLIP (functional luminal impedance planimetry) performed by two dedicated motility nurses.  Nearly 2000 motility tests are performed and interpreted per year. During this fellowship, the trainee will observe motility testing being performed and interpret the results. Indications and contraindications of various tests, as well as the benefits of one modality over another, will be emphasized. Additionally, the trainee will attend specialized motility/functional disorder clinics and educational rounds with the staff physicians.

During the fellowship, the trainee will have an opportunity for involvement in research projects. The expectation is that a motility-focused research project is conceived and completed over the 1-year fellowship. There is no specific call requirement. Opportunities to moonlight may be available, assuming necessary credentialing.

Applicants will have completed their Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology residency training prior to starting their fellowship. Salary support commensurate with level of training is required for all applicants.

Academic year: July 1 – June 30

Deadline for application: November 1 (the year prior to fellowship start)

Positions available: 1

For more information or if you would like to apply, please contact the program director, Dr. Matthew Woo at

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